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Backlit Displays

Increase Visibility and Boost Brand Awareness

At BlendX Graphics, we have in-house expertise in design, printing, and installation to create flawlessly executed customized backlit signs for your business. The evidence is in our relentless attention to detail, resulting in custom backlit signs that are both beautiful and functional in implementation and design.

Window Signs

Window backlit signs are highly effective at grabbing the attention of passersby, whether on foot or in traffic. Incredibly eye-catching, they help overcome one of the biggest challenges for businesses—bringing new customers inside. In addition, backlit signs create unique landmarks that boost your brand recognition.

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Highly Versatile

Backlit displays are highly versatile and eye-catching. With endless applications, they are ideal for advertising any type of event. Use them in your retail stores, movie theaters, hotel lobbies, and reception areas, to name just a few.

You can illuminate any number of signage types, including:

Location, Location, Location

Backlit signs are highly effective on windows, interior walls, for directions, lobbies, and more.

Indoor Promotional Signs

Interior backlit signs help add intrigue and talking points to your indoor spaces. Customized, you can use them to promote new product launches, in-store events, and sales promotions.

Interior Directions and Maps

Many larger buildings pose navigational challenges to customers and clients. Use backlit board signs to provide easy-to-see maps for your office building or multi-storied retail store.

Lobby Signs

Backlit lobby signs make a great first impression and imprint your business logo, values, and messaging on visitors. In addition, high-quality, professional backlit signs add sophisticated design elements to your space.

Save on Costs

Backlit signage generally uses highly energy-efficient LED light bulbs meaning your signage will be 80% more cost-effective than traditional neon signage. LED bulbs also provide a higher-quality type of light.