BlendX Graphics Signs & print solutions

Create the atmosphere your brand deserves

Set yourself apart with custom signs and graphics that draw customers in, establish your brand identity and showcase what you offer.

Custom Signs and Graphics

A successful signage program all comes down to finding the right fit for your brand. That’s why our solutions can be customized to create signage as unique as your business.

Wide-Format Printing

Think big and bold. Wide-format printing lets you communicate with customers on some of the largest canvases available. Advertise and inform with large-format signs and banners, posters, wall graphics, floor and window graphics, decals, and much more.

Building Wraps

Take advantage of the largest billboards around without actually building one. Custom building wraps let you showcase your brand to the public whether they’re in the building or not.

Vehicle Wraps

Whether it’s one vehicle or a fleet, create custom designs for cars, trucks, vans and more that deliver your brand’s message every time they are on the road.

Backdrops & Backlit Displays

Set the stage with portable backlit displays. Our proprietary LightenUp™ displays combine 4K print technology with vivid, wrinkle-resistant fabrics. They’re easy to set up, take down and transport.

Custom Structures and Modular Systems

Think big and bold. Wide-format printing lets you communicate with customers on some of the largest canvases available. Advertise and inform with large-format signs and banners, posters, wall graphics, floor and window graphics, decals, and much more.

Trade Show & Event Signage

Take your brand on the road with custom signage and display solutions that will make you stand out at any venue. Put yourself front and center and showcase your products and services at every event.

3D Displays

Take your idea from concept to reality by adding some depth to your visual graphics. Using 3D/CAD software, our 3D developers focus on your exhibit’s design to engineer a 3D structure that works best for you.

Fabric Graphics & Framed SEG

Our proprietary Iluminate™ signage features 4K print technology, and easily stretches to fit into silicone edge graphic (SEG) frame systems. They’re easy to install and change out, unfold without any wrinkles, and stretch to make the perfect fit.

Custom Displays and Fixtures

Don’t settle for anything that doesn’t fully replicate or represent your brand. Both permanent and temporary displays and visual graphics can be customized to meet your expectations. Put your style on full display with retail and wayfinding signage, at trade shows, in the office, and at spontaneous pop-up shops.

Pop-Up Shops and In-Store Displays

Set up shop and promote your products and services anywhere you see fit. Signage doesn’t have to be rigid, and pop-ups and revolving in-store exhibits offer you the flexibility to attract more customers.

Retail Signage

Create an aesthetic that makes in-person shopping more exciting than shopping at home. Set up stores with environments that engage the senses all the way from the front door to the point of sale to checkout. Raise brand awareness and provide the best shopping experience possible.

Wayfinding, Architectural and ADA Signage

Direct and inform customers, patients and visitors in any setting. Integrate signage into your space that lets customers and visitors know they’re in safe hands, and that you’ll get them where they need to go. Make sure your audience knows what is in your space and where it is located.

Office Signage

Create an office environment that both conveys information and provides direction. Clearly display important regulatory and legal information, and promote your brand identity with custom desk, pedestal, table and wall signs as well as custom-designed stamps and badges.


Recrylic is the first certified line of recycled acrylic products to be widely available in North America. Download our white paper and see how it could be perfect for your displays, signage and more.

Custom Signs and Graphics Services

We are proud to bring both the experience and the technology alongside a
scalable and consultative approach to help you meet your goals.

Creative and Design

Create a captivating brand showcase through visionary design. Craft retail graphics, event signage, displays, and wayfinding solutions that deliver exceptional experiences.

Prototyping and Fabrication

Ensure visual appeal, regardless of materials, methods, or standards. Create distinct, aligned signs that embody your organization's identity and blend with your branded setting. Blend style and functionality seamlessly.

Environment Design

Create visually attractive signs, irrespective of materials, installation, or regulations. Craft unique graphics that align with your organization's identity and complement your brand environment. Blend style and function harmoniously.

Kitting, Fulfillment and Distribution

Guarantee accurate delivery of signs and displays to the designated place and time. Opt for a signage company offering inventory control, kitting, profiling, and more for seamless execution.

Graphic Installation Services

Simplify your launch by prepping with graphic installation services. Certified pros can audit early, creating a precise site map for error-free installation of signs, displays, and graphics on day one.