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CNC Acrylic

Precise Designs Made to Perfection

Acrylic is a plastic composite material with a clear, smooth surface ideal for computer numerical control—CNC—signs. Its smooth surface is ideal for photography, fine art, and lettering. Acrylic is superior to glass because it doesn’t crack or chip, and its lightness makes it ideal for numerous applications.

Our CNC machines create your acrylic signs and letters to precise specifications by following coded programmed instructions. We then cut the acrylic material to perfection and finish the edges to create a high-end look.

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Acrylic Transmounts

At Atchley Graphics, our innovative and creative designers help you create the ideal CNC acrylic signage to perfectly reflect your brand or message. We print your design to metallic or glossy fine art paper and then mount it to the top or underside of thick acrylic using our invisible adhesive. Custom edge finishing and hanging options are available to complete the look you need.

Edge Finishing and Polishing

Atchley Graphics’ expert printers can finish the edge of your acrylic signage to make your project stand out. We offer various edge finishing options, including hand polishing for a high-gloss shine and edge beveling and painting.

Display Options

There are several unique and eye-catching display options available for your CNC acrylic signs.


Cleats—which we hide from view—are a popular method of displaying CNC signage, giving it a dimensional look as if floating out from the wall.

Loops and Grommets

We can add loops—rod pockets—at the top or bottom of your CNC banners to create secure, folded pockets. Grommets—small metal rings pressed into the signage material—are an ideal solution that remains in place. At Atchley Graphics, you can choose from a selection of finishes and sizes. We go above and beyond by caring deeply about the fine details and providing unparalleled customer service. We offer our customers an extensive range of signage solutions.