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Vehicle Graphics

We’re passionate about helping businesses like yours make a statement on the road. With our expertly crafted vehicle wraps, we turn your fleet into powerful advertising assets that demand attention wherever they go.

A Smart Investment

For the utmost value in advertising, consider investing in full vehicle wraps for your company vehicles. As potent mobile advertising assets, full vehicle wraps deliver maximum impact on sales. With their extensive exposure and influential reach, this form of advertising ensures a remarkable return on your marketing investment.


Premium Materials and Installation

At BlendX, we use only premium products and experienced designers & installers. This means that every vehicle we work on receives our exceptional attention to detail, ensuring your full wrap looks its best all the time.

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Stand Out From the Crowd With Full Vehicle Wraps

Full wraps provide your business with eye-catching and highly visible advertising that other drivers and pedestrians will see wherever you drive. They are a cost-effective way for your business to advertise to a large audience of potential customers.

Boost Brand Awareness

Full wraps are the most dramatic type of vehicle wrap in terms of branding. They can cover the entire body of your vehicle, including the bumpers, mirrors, roof, and wheel wells. Full wraps can even cover the vehicle windows with perforated window vinyl for visibility.


We can create custom full vehicle wraps using several different designs. Your design can include any, or all, of the following elements and more:

Numerous Uses

You can use full wraps to promote upcoming events, promotions, and ongoing sales effectively. In addition, expanding businesses can advertise the opening of new branches. Or, you can promote your products and services through branded campaigns that have memorable hooks.

Use full wraps as a cost-effective solution in place of a new paint job to spruce up old vehicles.

Take advantage of your vehicles’ marketing potential by using full wraps.